Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This past Sunday, I had brunch with one of my girlfriends. We hadn't seen each other in about two weeks, so we were cracking each other up in between rare bites of food. She was telling me about training for a triathlon and the menz her life. I was telling her about my sad little running and the menz in my life.

So, we were chatting away. I started to tell her about the guy I went on one date with who started sending me extremely inappropriate text messages. Seriously. One date. Movie then dinner. Didn't even kiss him. He got cut from the roster of potentials before he even got to play one inning.

I also was telling her about Nuevo Amigo Especial. Extremely Nuevo. Very cute. A boxer. And not American (surprise!). They've taken to calling me the foreign ambassador at work. Mexico. Argentina. Scotland. Anywhere where they rrrrroll their rrrrrrs. YUM!

I was going on and on, and she was relating her stories. I was talking nonstop (yet another surprise!), and she was way hungover, so we didn't eat very much. We parted ways just after noon.

Yesterday, as I was walking back to work from the bank, I ran into Nuevo Amigo Especial.

NAS: "Did you go to brunch yesterday?"

me: "Yeah, at The Grape with my girlfriend. Then I got a pedicure. Why?"

NAS: "What did you talk about?"

me: *cocking head to one side like a confused puppy* "um....."

NAS: "you were sitting next to a friend of mine. He ask me if I'm dating a girl with red hair and pale skin and loud voice."

me: *wide eyed and trying not to cough* "well....see...."

NAS: "S'okay. I think it's cute."


Also, of all the brunch destinations in a fairly large city, I would be sitting next to a friend of my Amigo.

I need to develop a library voice.