Friday, April 11, 2008

I went from being superexcited about my newest ink, to completely bummed. I lost my beautiful iPod yesterday. It was a 32nd birthday present. I love that thing. It is my car accessory. I have forgotten to take my cell phone with me. I have never forgotten my iPod.

I stopped at the gas station. I listened to the Dead Milkmen (Punk Rock Girl, if you're curious) while the gas pumped. I went to get milk and orange juice at the grocery store. I put the iPod in my purse, and went in. Ten minutes later, when I came out, I went into the purse for the musics, and it was gone. I immediately retraced my steps. I went all the way back through my route in the store. I went to customer service. No one handed it in.

I went to lunch. I went to the meeting at work. I went back to the grocery store. Still nothing. Smang called them yesterday when she got home. Nothing. :(

I cried over the 'Pod. I am a wreck of emotions lately. I've been bursting into tears a lot. But this was a gift, and it meant a lot to me.

And now it's gone.

My only hope is that someone snagged it, and will see all the awesome and weird stuff on there, and not want an obvious mental patient to be without their toy. I hope they'll want me to have it again.

Who the hell else would listen to Rancid and Cat Stevens?