Thursday, February 21, 2008

*dig dig dig*

*shake shake shake*

*rummage rummage*

*shake shake*

*shake shake shake shake*

I look over to Smang's couch. She has her gigantic purse turned upside down, and she is shaking it as hard as she can.

*dig dig dig*

"You sound like Lu when she's about to lie down." I tell her.

"There is something in my purse."

"There's a lot of things in your purse, dude."

"No, there is something big in the liner."

"You have a hole in your purse?"

"I don't know! But there is something in my purse."

She continues to dig around. Until finally, she grabs something. It is, as she said, something in between the liner and the leather.

"It's an earring!" she proudly exclaims.

"You lost an earring?"

"No, it's a giant pearl earring."

"When did you lose a giant pearl earring? Hell, when did you ever wear a giant pearl earring?"

"It isn't mine."


And then, she reached in, and pulled out this random earring. I cannot even imagine the tomfoolery that must go on at the purse factory for this thing to have ended up sewn into the lining of Smang's handbag.

Unless it's a prize! Congratulations on the purchase of your Beverly Feldman fine leather goods. As a token of our esteem, we'd like to present you with one (1) blue-ish pearl-ish earring. No substitutions, exchanges or transfers.

Hey! I have a giant Beverly Feldman purse, too! I think I'm going to go rummage around in the lining.