Monday, January 21, 2008

A long, long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away, I was asked for a favor. This was one maiden name and four tattoos ago. I was chilling in the townhouse on Amesbury when my friend, DS, called me. DS was working for a man who did productions and parties, Walt. Walt has a Cash Cube, and needed to take some pics of it, for advertising purposes. Since the Cash Cube looks like more fun in use than it does just sitting empty, it was filled with fake money, dryer sheets, and yours truly. DS was posed on the outside. Ye Olde Cash Cube was fired up, and several shots were taken of our psuedomerriment. It was 1000 degrees outside. Seriously, it was during the summer when we had temps over 100 degrees throughout the entire damn summer. After a tiny bit of Photoshopping, they had something they liked.

Walt sends this picture out to this day. He owns the copyright to the picture itself, and the name Cash Cube. So, when he was searching the 'tubes last week, he quite surprised to come upon a picture of me & DS, grinning like monkeys and selling Cash Cubes on some random site, NOT OWNED BY WALT. The thief has been sent a cease and desist letter. Last time I checked, the cyberthieves were still using the pic and the name.

I truly feel like a part of the internet, now that DS & I have been stolen.