Sunday, November 25, 2007

I just scored Adventures in Babysitting for $5.50 at Target. I know what I'll be doing for the next 90 minutes.

So, my Thanksgiving was good, thanks. How was yours? We drank a lot of wine. Like, a lot a lot. Smoked turkey was served. And broccoli rice casserole. And asparagus. And crescent rolls. And pecan pie. Yum yum yum! Also, I sank the most awesome pool shot in the history of me. I suck at pool. It's geometry, and that's math. And that's not so much my strong point. But I saw the angle, I saw the shot, and then I nailed it!

Side question: do you say "pee-can" or "puh-cahn"? I say puh-cahn, but I hear a lot of pee-can 'round these parts. I'm sure it's a regional diction thing.

Okay, it's the part where Pruitt saves the Babysitter and the kids on the expressway. Things are about to get good.