Monday, September 03, 2007

it's free day of yoga day. I should have gone to the 10:15 at my own studio, but I am hanging on, na'mean? Plus also, I am supposed to be at margaritas at noon. Yeah, that'll help.

Is there such a thing as a surefire hangover cure? I always drink a lot of water, take a couple of Advil and hope for the best. But, I am curious if there's something that does the trick every time. I hate the slow moving feeling that comes with a few too many Amstel Lights. Actually, it's never the Amstels that do it. I don't drink that many. It's the "let's do a shot! just one shot!" dance we play.

Oh yeah, and Bebe pulled up my dress last night as we were leaving the Monk. Good thing I was wearing underpants.