Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There is a bird trapped in the wall. I can hear him in there, flapping his wings and making what I can only assume is an ornithological pleas for assistance from other birds. I heard him yesterday, and thought he was outside. Smang told me that she'd heard it, too. And it started Monday-ish. I hope he survives long enough for us to do something. I don't know what we'll do.

We may try to cut a hole in the wall in the cat box closet and try to get to him. I am not sure what we'll do when do make it through the wall. But we have to try. I cannot sit by and listen to him fight for life. I am struggling to not go knock a hole in the wall right now. Again, I have no idea what I would do once I broke through. But, the helplessness is killing me. What is stopping me is a lack of both knowledge in this particular arena and power tools.

: We got a handy man. He said that ripping a hole in the house to save a bird who would probably die anyway is going to be cost prohibitive and also extremely unwise. Since he had a tool belt on, I am inclined to go on his word.