Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture it: October, 2001. Early morning, downtown Dallas.

Have you ever had an office job? There is always an excuse to eat. It's another reason that I got as big as I did. It's just after sunrise. The excuse to eat on this particular morning is that the branch manager has brought in donuts. Delicious, sugar-coated hunks of fried dough. I get two donuts, and a cup of coffee, and settle into my desk. As I am about to bite into the chocolate iced donut, Lyle Tate leans across his desk, and casually queries, in his East Texas drawl, "Did you know that one donut has much fat as entire loaf of white bread?"

*drops donut*

What? Why would you tell me that? Why would you ruin the breakfast of champions? He spoiled donuts for me for years. Until this morning...

When I went into the 'Bucks at Coit and Belt Line, I ordered my usual extreme soy chai. Feeling a might bit peckish, I opt for a snack. I eyed the case. Telling myself, "I'll just eat half", I ask the girl for the apple fritter. A donut, with pizazz!

It was so good. I immediately ate the whole thing. I felt a little shameful.

After my noon yoga class, I found myself taking Lover's Lane home. So that I could drive past Krispy Kreme, with the windows rolled down, and smell the awesome sugary scent that permeates the air at that intersection.