Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apparently, the dogs decided to address my inability to tolerate any further cuteness. They did something incredibly uncute. I came home yesterday from running errands, walked in the front door, and saw foil on the floor.

"Hmm...what could that be from?" I asked the bitches. And then it came to me. Smang and I ate cupcakes late late Tuesday nights. These jerks must've gotten into the trash can.

But wait a minute...the trash can is undisturbed. And then, I see it. I walk into the kitchen/office. And on the floor are several cupcake foil wrappers. And on the counter, lid askew but still on the counter top, rather than the floor, is the Tupperware cupcake box. These bitches were interrupted in the midst of a cupcake frenzy. Only, it wasn't a frenzy. Of the six cupcakes left in the box, three were in various stages of icing being licked off. Three of the cupcakes were not yet disturbed. I even considered that Smang came home, ate several cupcakes, and then threw the wrappers onto the floor. No such luck. It was the Chocolate Bandits, in a second, more daring heist.

Here's the horrible part. We didn't take them to the emergency vet. We figured that last time, they ate two dozen cupcakes, and a one pound Hershey chocolate bar. This time, seven cupcakes total were gone. That's three and 1/2 cupcakes each. We called a vet tech we know. We did not induce vomiting. But neither of us has $250 to spare right now. Both our car payments are due. So we watched them, nervously, all night. They're fine.

Bitches, mang!