Saturday, December 02, 2006

ok, so I was reading Yahoo today. Something about Lindsay Lohan's publicist confirming that she's in AA, and asking the press to please leave her alone. I am personally not a big believer in AA, because first you have to admit that you're powerless without god, which, we all know, I think is a load of crap. But I have known people that AA worked for. Good on them, I say. Here's my problem with this situation. That second A? Yeah, that stands for Anonymous. As in, feeling comfortable to seek treatment without fear of anyone judging you based on who you are. Everyone at those meetings is there because they feel they need help. And like speaking to a therapist or a lawyer, the only way to feel free to unburden your fucking soul is to feel that you're not about to have your deepest darkest stuff put right back out into the world. It's called privilege in the legal world, and confiditiality in the medical world. In treatment, it's called anonymity. So when your fucking publicist puts out an announcement that says "CHECK ME OUT! I AM IN AA!", and then asks for privacy, it sticks in my craw. Fuck you for that. And for fucking disturbing people who truly want private help.

moving on: HAIKU FIGHT!

Festivus will rule
of that much, I am certain
MAN! Our dogs smell bad!