Wednesday, December 27, 2006

it's almost 2007! Here's a list of ten things I did in 2006. Why? Because it's the end of the year, and everyone makes lists at the end of the year!

1) Went to my first movie, by myself. Never felt more odd than sitting at the 11:30 a.m. showing of Cars. It was me, three soccer moms + broods, and two creepy, older dudes. Movie = B+.

2) Got another tat.

3) Upended my life (for the better) by moving only 10 miles away from where I had been living. Couldn't have made a better choice, really.

4) Gotten to try so many outstanding wines, that it makes the head spin. The '01 Chateau Latour that I got to taste is probably the winner.

5) Taught Smang's dog to talk. Seriously. Not "woof", either. She will come up to you, and go "Wooo oooo awoooo", in long, drawn-out sentences. I talk right back to her, too.

6) Plotted for world domination in the trivia arena. It's coming, too. Just you wait. It's coming.

7) Quit my job with no plan and no real direction. Turned out to be the best decision ever. Led me to my current job, which I love. Because there are few things that are greater than getting paid, handsomely, to learn about and drink wine.

8) Made some adult decisions involving Roth IRAs, and renter's insurance. Counterbalanced adult decisions with some immature ones, such as screaming at a coworker that he's a cocksucker, because he wouldn't help me out.

9) Read 12 books. And a couple of them weren't trivia books!

10) Gotten paid to edit someone's book proposal. It was totally aweseome to break out an AP Stylebook and a usage dictionary, and use my brain like that.