Sunday, October 01, 2006

it has been a whirlwind week. I feel like it's pretty much been the best week ever. Smang and I have had lots of fun this week, and the karmic gods have smiled upon us. I should go find some wood to knock, lest I upset the fragile balance here.

I am going to State Fair on 10/10. I have asked for the whole day off. I once again plan to eat my way through the fairgrounds. I want to try fried Coca-cola. I want to eat a corny dog from that big stand by the entrance. I want to drink $8 beers. I want to go to the auto show. I want to try to win prizes, which are not worth nearly as much as I'll spend trying to win them. Bascically, I love the fair, and I haven't been in two years. In 2004, the "Guess Your Age" guy guess that I was 24. Woo! That was fun. What else? Oh yeah, it was the year that I would not shut up about fried twinkies; I want a fried twinkie; when are we going to the fried twinkie stand?!After all that, I dropped my fried twinkie right onto the ground, 20 seconds after I got it. Didn't get a single bite. Which, whatever.

I am going to lotion up again. We've passed pain (sometime Friday night), and landed smackdab in the middle of ITCHY!