Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I opened a second, less accesible savings account today. I figure I can get to one of them pretty easily, but the other is more difficult to access, so that when I need emergency emergency moneys, I will have it. Thus concludes today's wave of maturity.

Today, Smang and I are going to get "this weekend is going to RULE!" pedicures. We last got pedicures eight days ago. But there are many reasons to get your pigs done. I also have finally accepted that I will not be having a teebee in my room, so I am shutting off the satellite service in there. Saves us $5 per month, which is $60 per year.

I have slept on the futon in the living room last night. I got all freaked out Saturday night, and I lay in bed, with my heart pounding, until close to 5am. So, I put a foam cushion over the futon, and I may never sleep in my room again. Now, I am just waiting for my heterolifemate to get out of bed! I want to go play!