Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I found this amazing Chanel nail polish. It's called Black Satin, and as its name implies, it's a very pretty shade of black. Yes, of course black comes in shades. So, it's a limited edition, part of their fall collection. Apparently, it's a hot commodity. I was at the mall to get a replacement bottle of Vamp, which is the one shade I have owned a bottle of continously since 1995. Not the same bottle. So, at the Chanel counter is where I saw this

and I had to have it. Except, as I said, it's apparently a hot commodity. So, they were sold out. I offered to buy the tester, but no dice. I went back to the mall later that week. Still no bottles of Black Satin. Now, since I couldn't have it, you know I HAD to have it. I went to Stanley Korshak yesterday, only to find out that 30 minutes before I arrived, they'd sold the last two bottles to some lady in NY. GAH! Being an upscale department store, they must've thought I was rich, because they began to call around for me. We called all the Neimans in the DFW area. The last one we called was in Fort Worth. I guess the Cowtown folks is afraid that paintin' yer fingernails dark aligns you with the devil, because they had two bottles left. I raced across the city today, and bought both of them. Hooray! Now I have it and I can rest again.