Sunday, July 16, 2006

So, we all know that I have routines. I have a morning routine. I have a driving to work routine. I have routines so that daily patterns require minimal thought processing. So, when I go to work, my routine is the same. I turn in by Starbucks. I go to the massive parking structure. I always seek a spot on the fourth floor, as close to the stairwells as possible. I take the stairs down, not the elevator. I wear my sunglasses until I am inside the restaurant. So, very rarely do I stop to take in the details on this trip. So, one day, a few weeks ago, as I exited Greta and begin the descent to work, something struck me. For some reason, I looked towards the apartments, rather than straight ahead. And some genius has created a a beautiful ode to all things lovely and poetic. It gave me pause on that day, and as it remains, it makes me pause every day since. It is a thing of wonder and art. It is a smattering of assorted gnomes.