Friday, July 28, 2006

it's pronouced dumbass.

I missed a class today. I have been alternating Fridays for a while now. My days all run together anyway, so what's one more thing. Well, one more thing is this: I forgot it was my week. I spent the entire week thinking that this was not my week to teach. I lazed about this morning. I surfed the weeb in a liesurely manner. I took an extra long, especially yummy smelling shower. I then saw the message light blinking on my phone. It was the yoga boss. I am not in trouble, for it's happened to everyone. But after the whole debacle I had last August with missing two classes and getting fired for it, I get worried easily.

I am going to work on my smokey eyes for tonights shift. When I wear make-up, I seem to make better tips. I don't know if that makes me happy or sad.