Wednesday, May 31, 2006

a story about Divorce Day:

two weeks ago today was Divorce Day for Smang. Tha Nuge and I wanted to take her out to dinner. Since it was her divorce day, we told her she could eat anywhere in the city. She decided we'd go have sushi. Smang's favorite sushi place is called Mr. Sushi, and it's Addison.

She also has a cat. His name is The Snooch. He's got many nicknames, and among them is "Mr. Snooch-y". Because, well, that's funny.

So, Tha Nuge and Smang and I are all in the car. We're heading to Addison. Since it is 8:30, we decide that it's in our best interests to ensure that the consumption of said sushi treats will commence unhindered.

We decide that calling Mr. Sushi to ascertain their hours is the best plan. I am driving, so as a group, we elect Smang to call information. She gets to the human on the other end, and says "yes, Addison...I need the number for Mr. Snooch-y, please"

We giggle and she tries again "I'm sorry, that's Mr. Snooch-y on Belt Line Road"

More forceful laughter ensues. She gives it another go "wait! It's Mr. Snooch-y!"

I'm laughing so hard now that it's tough to steer Greta. Finally, after gasping breaths and furious concentration, Smang's brain arrives at "Mr. SUSHI! BELT LINE ROAD!"


incidentally, they serve food until 10pm, and their fire rolls are wonderful.