Monday, December 05, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I did a whole lot of nuthin' this weekend, and it was great. I went to dinner Friday night with The Flake. Bottle of wine, tapas....good stuff. Then I bought Monsoon Wedding for cheap at Movie Trading Company. I've thinned the dvd herd a little bit, and have slowly started trading for replacements. So, Half Baked went. Monsoon Wedding came.

I found the perfect present for Smang today. Well, one of 'em. But yeah, I must have it. Well, I must buy it so she can have it. I already bought The Flake's present. That leaves Neighbor Stacie. That's it this year. I may go see the fam (heh), but there are way too many of them to buy them all presents. I did that in 2001, the last time we were all together, and The Ex and I spent a ridiculous amount of money that year. That was the year that I got dishtowels from them. My sisters both got necklaces and tennis shoes and all sorts of assorted crap. I got fucking dishtowels. I am still bitter about that.

Made my year-end doctor's appointment this morning. I am out of all my good medications and I need a physical. I have asked quite a lot of my body this year, and I haven't treated it very well in return. I wonder how much a massage would be at my new yoga studio??