Monday, August 01, 2005

Run away! Run away!

yesterday morning, The Flake wanted to go to breakfast. He came to my house. I brushed my hair and teeth, grabbed my keys and headed out to the driveway. I hit the button on my keys which unlocks Greta the Jetta. blinking lights. Odd. I go to open the handle. Hmmm...still locked. I unlock the door manually. I hit the unlock button from inside the car. Nuthin'! I suddenly clue in as to what has happened. Apparently, my car's battery had died. No biggie, right? I've got that 24 hour assistance thing, that came with the car. I call them and make my arrangements. They send someone out within 30 minutes to jump start the car. He tells me to leave it running for an hour. I did. I sit in my fucking driveway, with the engine running. I even drove it around the 'hood for the last few moments. I pull into our driveway. I hesitantly turn off the engine. I sit there for what feels like an eternity (but in reality, is probably a matter of seconds). I turn the car back on. It turns over, and we've fixed the problem. I exhale and go back into the house. My neighbor and I had decided that we were going to a 4pm showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I did some house cleaning. I took a shower. I went next door and my neighbor and I shared the Sunday paper. At 3:35, we decide to head to the theatre. "Who's driving?", she asks. "I will!", I reply cheerfully. She heads into her house to get her flip-flops. I head to the driveway and hit the "unlock" button.....nuthin'. MOTHERFUCKER! Same problem. So, apparently, my car, which by the way, in case you're counting, I BOUGHT LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AGO, has some sort of fucking serious issue. I am waiting for a tow truck right now. I am going to be late for my new job. I am frustrated, to say the least.

So, in other news, the movie was pretty good. I don't remember Charlie's dad from the book. I don't remember Willy's dad, for that matter. But I thought it was gorgeous. The art direction (my gourd, Augustus' cheeks were so perfect and round and his make-up.....), the sets, Freddie Highmore, Johnny was great.

I am going to go read the newspaper online now. What the hell else can I do while I wait. And wait. And wait...........