Friday, March 11, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I'm trying to come up with new Bob Schneider song lyrics, but it seems to me that I've used themn all. We'll go sans titles for a bit, and see what happens.

So, what's new with you? Me? Well, let's see....the judge in traffic court last week was pretty awesome. He was funny and not mean. Except to the old Mexican gentleman who refused to take off his ballcap in court. And, his baliff was the one who actually got mean. All the judge did was sigh and say "signs....everywhere!" the third time the gentleman was asked to remove his hat. During the recess, I went to a cafe on Main Street, to get some coffee and some sort of sustenance. As I turned around in line, I came face to face with my judge. I smiled and said "good morning, your honor." He said "why do you look so familiar to me?" I told him that I was sitting in his court. He said "ah yes. Red hair, big smile, I remember you." When it was my turn to stand in front of him, I requested deferred disposition (meaning if I stay outta trouble for six months, my charges are dismissed). He even lowered my fine by $50, since I am eligible to take defensive driving, but cannot afford to do so. All in all, I recommend Court #7.

Tomorrow is the Annual Greenville Avenue St. Paddy's Day. I'm lucky to live two blocks from Greenville Avenue. I can walk to the festivities. Although, since another server is out of town this week, I have to work tomorrow night. I DON'T WORK ON SATURDAYS! It just means I can't get completely bombed. I'll live.

The Flake is supposed to come over tonight. He had planned to take me out on the town, but he doesn't get his first paycheck until next Tuesday, the 15th. He was kind of pissed about it. I said no biggie. I think he's tired of me paying for everything. To be completely frank, so am I. I wouldn't do it if it was a huge burden, but it will be nice to not have to bust out my wallet when the check comes. I usually pay my own way anyway. Since I rarely eat my entire dinner, I always feel obligated to pay. Although, you shouldn't eat all your dinner either. Restaurant portions are entirely too large. I almost always cut my meal in half, and go from there. *weirds*

I was asked out by two of my yoga students. I can't date yoga students. It's just not right. Our owner constantly culls his specialfriends from our students, and we lose A LOT of students that way. Also, not that there's some yoga code of ethics or anything, but it feels....well, unethical. Our students tend to see us differently than we actually are. Almost like romanticizing us. That's why I think it is wrong for our owner to date students. He's not the glowing, enlightened being he appears to be. I used to idealize him quite a bit. But, now, two years later, I realize that, like me, he's just a human. Underneath my sweaty exterior, I still struggle to breathe and keep my road rage in check and not hate my customers at the resturant who say things like "I'm allergic to flour" and "can I have this spaghetti pomodoro with no tomatoes" (you know, pomodoro is flippin' Italian for TOMATO, assface) and all those things that make us so human.

For some reason, Lucy's new nickname is Stinky Pete. She's not especially stinky, nor is her name anything resembling Pete. But it's just what I've been calling her. I think I will take Stinky Pete for a walk. She definitely needs some exercise. :)