Friday, March 18, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Dear People of Dallas...Nay, The World~
Please note that today is March 18th. It's time to remove the election stickers from your vehicles. Be they Kerry/Edwards or Bush/Cheney, they must come off. It's been four and a 1/2 months since the elections. It's time. It's no secret that I am not a fan of using your car to make political statements. This isn't even about that. It's because, parked across the street, at one of the Spree's houses is a maroon Chrysler, with a fucking Clinton/Gore '96 sticker. Nine years? Really? Come on, now. I am not opposed to stickers on vehicles. Hell, I've got three different stickers on Eleanor. But! Not a single one of them gives you a clue as to my political affiliations or my religious beliefs. So, in conclusion, please join the rest of us here in March and remove these. Thank you for your time.

Smang's birthday party was quite fun. We all convened at Big Shucks. There are three seafood establishments with extremely similar names, all located within a mile and a 1/2 of each other: Big Shucks on Mockingbird, Aw Shucks on Greenville and Suck & Jive on Lover's. I find it's easier to just refer to them as though they were all the same establishment. Hell, they ARE all owned by the same company. So, we all met at Big Aw Shuck & Jive. There were several pitchers of beer, fried creatures from the sea (pass the calamari, please!) and non-fried sea creatures. Her neighbors, Trace & Rob brought their adorable toddler, Zoe. She's got the cutest cheeks! And she's totally in love with Smang. Who isn't? :)

I'm officially over my red hair. I'm ready to see my natural color again. Or, at least something closer to the brunette range. It was fun, but it's time to move on. I'm also being encouraged to chop off my remaining locks. I've been told that I hide behind my hair. This is not inaccurate. When it was much longer, it was quite easy to hide behind the long locks. You never even have to look people in the eye. You can just do the goth chick/Veronica Lake thing by brushing it into your face, and then making a little eye space, so you can see out and not bump into furniture or other humans. I think part of me may want to make my hair more nautral so I'll have less guilt about my rampant desire to have acrylic nails reapplied (the fakest of the fake). I wore them from 8th grade until my mid-20s. Not the same set, mind you. Lately, I've been feeling a little man-handish. I need some girlification, stat!

Sin City needs to hurry up and be released. I'd really like to go see it. I mentioned it to The Flake and he was all, "wait, it's a black and white movie". I tried in vain to explain the difference between the stylized b&w, with splashes of color that Sin City will be and your average b&w film like, say, Clerks or Casablanca. I told him he'd just have to trust me that it will be good. If more people would just take my word on things, it'd be so much easier on all of us. :)

I'm going back to the studio. 11 people came to my 6am class. 11! Now, only two or three will show up for 9am. Whatevs. Namaste, bitches!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: no one showed for my 9am. *sads*